Tip: Effectively stubbing with Mockito

If you have to stub mock method which should just return passed argument you probably stubbing interaction for each of them:


What to do if you have a lot of objects to be passed into someMethod(..) and you do not want to stub every possible invocations?
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Many-to-many relationships in qcadoo Framework

We present a new type of field which provides a simpler way to create “many to many” relationships. qcadoo Framework takes fully care of managing join entities, so you can focus on the goal, not the implementation.

First look at the conventional way to understand why we introduced this new feature:

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3 open source conferences in one month

As always we ware near you as we attended three open source conferences at the end of the year 2011: Open RadarP.I.W.O and the second conference of the  FWiOO foundations spinacz.edu.pl project.

First at the beginning of the month we ware in Szczecin on the Open Radar conference organised by ITC Promorze Zachodznie and Szluug.org. I (Adam Walczak) gave two lectures there: one about my book on organisational structures and business models found in open source projects and the second one about the qcadoo project. Both ware in english and are available on our youtube channel.

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Our seminar from Linux Autumn 2011

Seminars from Linux Autumn 2001 hit the net last week. We participated in this event along with other members of the polish open source community. The prime start of the conference was Wietse Venema the author of Postfix. We talked with people from the Allegro Group and Samsung on how they use and develop open software. There ware also many individuals active in the polish community like:

  • Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak – OpenStreatMap  activist
  • Kamil Porembiński – OSWorld.pl owner
  • Robert Partyk – Creative Commons book publisher

Qcadoo Limited sponsored 40 copies of my book on organizational and business aspects of open source which we give away on the conference. I also started talks with Kamil, Robert and my boss about publishing the book worldwide.

As for our seminar we talked how we embrace the concepts of the cloud, PaaS, frameworks, open source and partner networks in the qcadoo project. Video in polish below.

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Notes from the first Polish free and open software foundation conference

Two weeks ago (27.09.2011) you could find us on the first conference organized by the Polish free and open software conference foundation FWiOO. The topic of this conference was:

The role of innovative open source projects in the Polish economy

There are many photos and videos from it which you might find quite interesting. Two of the most interesting lectures ware given by our Polish Vice Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak and the CEO of the Free Software Foundation Europe, Karsten Gerloff

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Dozens of new plans on Blueprints wiki

If you didn’t follow our Blueprints wiki or twitter you might have not notices that it’s boiling with new ideas !

In this post will give you a short summary of the most important analysis and design efforts that are taking place there. We are always happy to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment and even edit those blueprints.

Production scheduling on the level of operations, workstations and workers

This is probably the most important new module we have scheduled in our roadmap. For now you can plan production orders in the Gantt chart and calculate how long will they take if they ware to be executed independently. If we introduce the concept of tasks and resource capacity then we will be able to do very precise calculations how long a new order should take in the context of the current orders. This will also introduce detail plans which indicate what and when should a workstation/worker produce

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3 interns hired in our open source project

As you may have noticed we have been running a long term student internship program to teach upcoming engineers how to create modules for qcadoo MES. We also wanted to show them the qcadoo Framework which they can use for their next killer apps. During this time many interesting young people worked with our battle-hardened old-school team :) Three of them (that seemed most talented to us) just got hired lately in Qcadoo Limited.

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The cloud as a system architecture

First of all what does ‘the cloud’ really mean ?

Is it really a technical term or just a marketing slogan ?

According to the father of the free software movement Richard Stallman:

It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign.

You can also find similar opinions on the other side of the barricade. For example CEO of the Oracle Corporation Larry Ellison starts by saying that:

It’s nonsense and water vapor

and follows it by 4 minutes of jokes about clueless cloud advocates :)
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Installation video tutorials

Sometime ago we got burned a little on forums because the install was not straightforward to many users. Unfortunately this is how it always looks in server-side applications and you can see many other open source business systems (ERP or CRM for eg.) that have the same problem.

To ease the installation process a little one of our community members Iwo Kosowski-Banasiak has prepared a set of video tutorials:

Each shows step by step how to install qcadoo MES. Choose them depenting on your preferred language and operating system.

We hope this will help.

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An interview with us done by OSWorld.pl

The interview with our team just got aired on the net by the reporters from OSWorld.pl

We have talked about our business and product vision, the projects organization, the open source community and partner network, the technology and qcadoo Framework, and also about security in the cloud.

Please have a look at then if you understand Polish.

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